R8 SR92 – 28. March 2023
System 11.04d
NoxConfig 11.02u
PC Control Panel 5.26
TPA / PC TPA 5.0.35
NoxUserSynchronizer 1.40
NoxLogger 5.0.4

– NoxConfig: exporting users with multiple cards in .txt format now works fine. (Issue #5168)
– CPA-M: Login with card + pin now also works if the user has no user code (Issue #5160)
– THS: Support added for THS V143 error codes (Issue #5212)
– SSH: When a new userprofile is added after deleting user profile with index #1, this did now work properly (Issue #5220)
– PMX: now also works in Master/Slave systems (PMX gateways are only connected on the master CPU) (Issue #5223)

PC Control Panel 5.64 (prestable)