R8 SR88 – 19. January 2023
System 11.03y
NoxConfig 11.02q
PC Control Panel 5.25
TPA / PC TPA 5.0.35
NoxUserSynchronizer 1.40
NoxLogger 5.0.4

– PS5b: DeltaU for bad accu detection reduced from 2V to 1V
– PCIF: Added new security features to IP communication (random paket length and random traffic) to comply BSI IP security requirements
– NOX CMO: Physical outputs on the reader now also supports number of outputs > 1
– Master/Slave and auto acknowleding alarms by alarm type: sometime the alarms were not properly synchronized when acknowldged automatically.

PC Control Panel 5.64 (prestable)

R7 – 02. May 2022 SR122
System 10.5i
NoxConfig 10.3c
PC Control Panel 4.32
TPA / PC TPA 4.4.24
NoxUserSynchronizer 1.39
NoxLogger 4.10

– Get list of card readers: added Simons Voss units again to the list (was removed by fixing Issue #4249) Issue #4790