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Here you will find the latest brochures and planning help for NOX products.

<strong>NOX</strong> ONE


Whether you want to secure your home or business, protect your assets, control access, log environmental measurements, or implement complex controls – the NOX ONE is more than a high-security alarm system, making it your first choice …

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<strong>Nox</strong> Sys

Nox Sys

NOX SYS is a state-of-the-art burglar alarm control panel designed for large-scale installations and applications where maximum safety is required. High-quality electronic components with ingenious and safe software, the perfect interaction in all matters …

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<strong>Nox</strong> Txo

Nox Txo

Unnoticed and indefatigable, the NOX TXO wireless detector monitors both paintings and sculptures as well as smaller exhibits thanks to its very compact housing. The high-precision sensor technology and sophisticated electronics ensure trouble-free and complete safety …

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<strong>Nox</strong> Aos

Nox Aos

Simply and effortlessly, the NOX AOS detector consistently monitors paintings, sculptures and smaller exhibits while remaining undetected. The high – precision sensor technology and sophisticated electronics ensure interference – free and continuous security.

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<strong>Nox</strong> Focus

Nox Focus

After what felt like an eternity of searching (5 years in fact!), we have finally found the right property. Plans were made, drawings were prepared – but time and time again, we were forced to make changes that required rescheduling. And then of course there was COVID-19 ...

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<strong>PLANNING ASSISTANCE</strong>


The NOX system graphically presented, with key features.

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