perfecting your sense of security

Security is a basic human need. This also includes protecting valuables and assets against theft and external influences. Our strategy is in-house development, into which more than 40 years of security technology experience and expertise have flowed.


NOX Systems security systems are highly respected across the globe for their outstanding quality, almost unlimited functionality as well as their simple operation and unique design. Founded by a dedicated designer of the affiliated Sauter Electronic AG in September 2001, the company managed to become a sought-after specialist for security systems in the European market in a very short period of time. The products could not fail to impress from the start due to their innovation and comprehensiveness. Specific customers contexts and requirements have always flowed into the development and resulted in a module-based product range, which offers a very high degree of performance and reliability precisely tuned to the respective customers’ requests.


With an experienced team of qualified specialists in the security technology field we offer our discerning customers individual solutions in accordance with the highest security standards and state-of-the-art technological development.


Creating and developing together is what drives us. It is through the care taken by each individual employee that products and solutions arise which satisfy the high standards that we set for ourselves and our customers expect from us.


Each product represents quality and innovation and this we strive for every day. Our regional suppliers stand for the same values and are significantly involved in the quality of the final product. Our proximity to our customers means we know their needs and their suggestions and requests can flow directly into development. In this way, unique solutions can be realised quickly and without any fuss. Through careful quality control and constant development of our quality management methods we can assure the reliability of our products. Our system solutions are certified for the highest security class in various countries.

Business units

Concentrated specialist knowledge at the development and production centre in the Principality of Liechtenstein and the neighbouring cantons of Switzerland


Hardware developers set the foundations for our innovative products and give our ideas their unmistakable form. The ideal synthesis of form and function results from extensive specialist knowledge in electronics development and in the design of printed circuit boards (PCB).


The safe and reliable functioning of our electronics is the work of our software developers. Both our products’ firmware as well as additional software and applications are specially programmed for NOX systems. Our key criteria to ensure quality are simple functioning while maintaining the highest security standards.


Select individual parts and components are assembled into finished products by our experienced production employees. A consistent orientation to modern principles of process and quality management allows us to achieve the high efficiency and quality in production.


We represent reliability. When selecting components the numerous criteria are carefully assessed in order to achieve the best possible balance of environmental compatibility, economic efficiency and function. At the same time we promote long-term partnerships with our regional suppliers – one of the secrets to our success in maintaining quality.


Zertifizierungen Security systems and their manufacturers are subject to a large number of country-specific standards and certifications at company and product level. NOX Systems is registered and approved for the highest risk classes in many European countries. Our internal quality management ensures that you benefit from the best possible security regardless of your location.


To develop and establish a new product or make modifications according to individual requirements a systematic advance quality planning is required. Our internal quality management supervises the product progress from the initial stages of development through to shop floor production and ensures that all quality requirements are reliably fulfilled.


NOX systems customer support, where you can expect competent and reliable information, is your contact partner for any technical questions.


The sales and distribution team are your point of contact from your initial inquiry through to the roll-out of the final product. We take active interest in your individual concerns.


The right path cannot be taken without vision. The management board provides orientation and steers the enterprise safely into the future while at the same time keeping our eye on the goal to be the best and most innovative system provider in the security electronics field.