The market introduction already occurred in the summer of 2016! NOX ONE is a completely new development and supplements our existing product range. With NOX ONE you receive a slim and economic system solution that was developed for use in single-family homes and small businesses. The system offers high security and is characterised by a simple and intuitive operation. With a smart phone or through the illuminated LCD operating unit, areas and doors can be operated comfortably. Customary commercial alarms and access readers can be readily integrated into the system. Various security areas, user groups and users can be recorded and administered safely. With NOX ONE you have the right security system for your own home and business.
  • 380 x 240 x 100mm (L x W x H)
  • Battery 1 x 17Ah
  • Emergency power supply > 30 hours
  • Operation with NOX operating part / Smart App / NOX Touchpanel / PC operation / alarm management system
  • Number of users 1,000 with card and user code
  • Number of areas 100 / time profile 50 / inputs 1,000 / outputs 1,000
  • Multiple language user management
  • Supports all Standard NOX Products
  • Designed for EN 50131 grade 3