R8 SR62 – 08. October 2021
System 11.02n
NoxConfig 11.01v
PC Control Panel 5.19
TPA / PC TPA 5.0.29
NoxUserSynchronizer 1.40
NoxLogger 5.0.4

– Formulas ignore alarm types which are not defined in the configuration (until now an exception has been shown)
– If unit initialization failes, the re-init of the unit is triggered with high priority without waiting for all other units to be initialized
– Modbus Server with THS: reading THS sensor registers did not worked (Issue #4449)
– TPA: Time showing login screen on SL4 increased from 20 to 60 seconds (Issue #4455)

PC Control Panel:

– if sorting of areas in NoxConfig is changed, this is now also properly shown in PC Control Panel (Issue #3953)
– added automatic and manual scaling of columns to alarm- and warning lists (Issue #3984)
– limitations from NoxConfig now also always work at first login (Issue #3983)