R8 SR75 – 07. July 2022


R8 SR75 - 07. July 2022
System 11.03g
NoxConfig 11.02g
PC Control Panel 5.23
TPA / PC TPA 5.0.33
NoxUserSynchronizer 1.40
NoxLogger 5.0.4

- Add support for new template functions for CMO and CMU (Issue #4779)
- Increased max. amount of inputs from 10'000 to 15'000
- Bus optimizations if a lot of CPAs are used
- TPA: added support for flag "change own code" in user profile (until now all users were shown) (Issue #4921)
- Adding a new configuration from a template: if NX1 unit is in the template, the template is imported as it is. If no NX1 unit is in the template, all units are deleted and a new NX1 unit is added (Issue #4910)
- Fixed issue when using VdS Mode (5 second lifesign) and PS5 which do not always answer in time
- Changed handling of PCIF incoming connection supervision