R8 SR59 – 7. September 2021


R8 SR59 - 7. September 2021
System 11.02k
NoxConfig 11.01s
PC Control Panel 5.19
TPA / PC TPA 5.0.27
NoxUserSynchronizer 1.40
NoxLogger 5.0.4

- PC Control Panel: Using SL4 user code must be entered when adding/changing a user (Issue #4210)
- Added full support to limit functionality for Ethernet Interfaces on all IP Servers
- TPA: login by input state change did not worked anymore (was introduced in System 11.01x) (Issue #4387)
- PCIF/Access Rings/MasterSlave: If a user is removed from an access ring by PCIF (any NOX application), this was not synchronized to the Slave CPU in Master/Slave systems (Issue #4404)