R7 – 09. April 2021 SR114
System 10.5b
NoxConfig 10.2z
PC Control Panel 4.31
TPA / PC TPA 4.4.21
NoxUserSynchronizer 1.39
NoxLogger 4.10

– Optimizations in handling PCIF connections
– Handling of special user code generation on CMU improved (Issue #4008)
– NoxConfig/PC Control Panel users: checking of mandatory entries is improved (Issue #4210)
– NoxConfig/PC Control Panel: Special days which start or end on day 31 did not properly work if edited in a month with 30 days. (Issue #4229)
– SSH: function to always sent warnings/alarms did not worked properly

– PC Control Panel: – user profiles did not show the limitation for the service level (Issue #3970)
– limitations from NoxConfig now also always work at first login (Issue #3983)